Business Communications

Implementation of Quality IP-Based Communications Systems and Phone Services is our Business.

Hosted Systems

The ExecuVoice and ExecuVoice Plus solutions provide our clients with a wide range of hosted IP/PBX alternatives.

  • Reduce the Cost of On-Site Equipment
  • Automatic Failover and Disaster Recovery
  • Continuous Delivery of Enhanced Services and Features

Today’s Information Technology and Communications services industry has been transformed by the internet and cloud or hosted services.

Hybrid: Combination of On-Site with Hosted

For those clients that want to maintain some on-site PBX functionality for local call control processes, but also want to leverage the benefits of hosted services for redundancy, failover and disaster recovery purposes, Executive Systems, Inc. has been implementing the Star2Star system since 2009.

Star2Star is an industry leader in delivering a blended, end to end architecture. On site services are provided by the Starbox platform and hosted services are delivered and managed through the Star2Star constellation network.

On-Site IP/PBX

Executive Systems, Inc. can provide a variety of on-site, IP/PBX options for those clients that want to maintain their phone system and services within the confines of their own office environment. The Toshiba IP/PBX family of systems provide the scale and functionality to meet the needs of clients from 5 to 500 users.